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The online report, which offers the latest figures for coins graded by NGC.

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CoinWeek: We Take the PCGS Coin Grading Challenge! – 4K Video
At the 2016 American Numismatic Association’s World’s Fair of Money in Anaheim, California, CoinWeek Editor Charles Morgan met with PCGS CoinFacts founder and former PCGS President Ron Guth to take the PCGS Grading Challenge. Ron gave Charles 30 ... more info

Grading Results of Cleaning and Old Green Holders
Remember these coins? Two on the right were cleaned with MS70 detergent and two with an undisclosed dilution of water and Jewel Luster, a dipping product. All were cracked out of PCGS holders to test cleaning and grading consistency. Here’s how the coins ... more info

Mint’s wheel of fortune
Helping to stoke potential demand for this, which is the second of three Centennial gold coin issues, the Professional Coin Grading Service sent out an email reminder yesterday that arrived in my inbox. It highlights the two Mint issues and tells ... more info