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Certificate News
Computerized Grading, Part 1: The Puzzle of Subjectivity
Unfortunately, not all dealers were honest. Grade inflation was common practice. Unwary coin buyers were sometimes being fleeced with no indication that something might be amiss. I don’t believe all dealers who over-graded their coins did so on purpose. more info

Is the highest grade always the most sensible to buy when adding to your collection?
David Bowers. An advertising counterstamp of Meschutt's Metropolitan Coffee Room is sharp and distinct on a well-worn Spanish-American silver coin. The same counterstamp os barely legible on a high-grade 1857 Seated Liberty half dollar. Images courtesy of Q. more info

NGC Ancients – Thoughts on Collecting Ancient Coins
There are many reasons for this huge change in the way American rare coin dealers view this segment of the market. One of the most important has been the acceptance of third-party grading for ancient coins. The NGC Ancients program, led by David Vagi ... more info