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Coin Collecting Resource
US Coins – A Rooftop Connection Over Coin Collecting
As I pondered this week’s coin collecting column, here in New England we were in the midst of the third Nor’easter to strike within the last 10 days. Amazing. And more than a bit disillusioning, as “spring” officially arrives next week. However ... more info

Coin collectors gather in Longmont to trade wares, stories
Payton Lindeman, 13, sat behind his ancient coin collection Sunday afternoon at the Front Range Coin Club's coin show at the Boulder County Fairgrounds in Longmont. Lindeman said he got into coin collecting because his grandfather participated in the hobby. more info

Privacy and Counterfeit Coins
Do fake coins really need a lawyer’s protection in the courtroom? Most likely not. But mathematicians make a living by reducing difficult problems to easier, more manageable ones. In short, our discussion demonstrates that collecting aggregated ... more info