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Coin Collecting Resource
MLB pioneers Jackie Robinson and Larry Doby could be honored with a commemorative coin
Roger Williams of Texas, and Rep. Cedric Richmond of Louisiana — and Hall of Famer Andre Dawson. According to Roll Call, Dawson is an avid coin collector, and was delighted to be at the announcement o... more info

Island of Stability: Stable Coins Keep Attracting Big-League Investors
In June, news about another smart contracts-based stable coin emerged. A new project called Reserve has reportedly received backing from players as big as Peter Thiel, Coinbase, Distributed Global, GS... more info

Coin World Marketplace offers new venue for buying and selling
Screen shot from Coin World Marketplace website. Coin World Marketplace, an online venue for collectors and dealers to safely buy and sell coins and other numismatic items, will make its official debu... more info