Coin Collecting FAQ - Coin Collecting Part 2

Coin Collecting FAQ written by Chuck D'Ambra, Mike Locke, Michael Caver, Andrew Andison, Mike Marotta, Andrew Tumber, John Muchow, Tony Clayton, Clint Cummins, Lou Coles, Mike Dworetsky and Rita Laws.

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Coin Collecting FAQ

Table of Contents

14. Numismatic Newsgroups

Two newsgroups on the Usenet portion of the Internet exist for discussions of numismatic topics:

If you need help accessing these or other newsgroups, contact your service provider.

These groups are distributed just about everywhere in the world where Internet access is available, and articles are posted by participants from several countries. While most articles are written in English, posts in other languages are part of the international nature of the groups.

In addition to usual "netiquette" (see news.announce.newusers), please keep the following guidelines in mind when posting articles to these groups:

  1. Only write about subjects that are "on topic" for the group, as defined in the group's charter (see below). Any area of numismatics is ok in rec.collecting.coins. Articles without numismatic relevance are not.
  2. When requesting information about a numismatic item, provide as much identifying information as possible, including (when known) what country issued it. Dollars, pennies, and many other denominations have been minted in multiple countries. Do not assume those who read your article will know which one you mean.
  3. Never post images or other binaries. It's ok to post a text only article with an offer to send images by e-mail or to view them on a web site, and they may be posted to appropriate groups in the alt.binaries hierarchy.
  4. If posting about material you wish to sell, include "FS" (for sale) or "FA" (for auction) in the subject header, e.g. "FS: Ancient Greek Coins"
  5. If posting about material you wish to buy, include "WTB" (want to buy) in the subject header, e.g. "WTB: Early U.S. Proof Sets"
  6. Limit the number of buy, sell and auction notices you post. One per day is generally accepted. More than 3 per day will get you a lot more enemies than customers. Combine announcements about coins you are interested in selling or acquiring into one post rather than separate posts for each item.
  7. Avoid reposting the same auction notices and other commercial articles too frequently. Once a week for the same announcement is plenty. Most news servers save articles for a week or more, and yours will still be there when each reader gets around to checking the group.

Charter for rec.collecting.coins

[from the "call for votes" during the proposed group creation in 1994]

rec.collecting.coins will be for the discussion of all things related to coin collecting. Suitable topics will include:

  • Tokens, currency, pattern, medal collecting
  • News relevant to coin collecting
  • Grading
  • Cleaning
  • Upcoming coin shows/programs
  • History behind coins
  • How not to get ripped off by dealers, mail order places, etc.
  • Book reviews
  • Rare finds in circulating currency
  • Questions about particular coins-- identifying, appraising, etc.
  • Offers for trades, price lists, auctions


15. Numismatic web sites

An FAQ on paper money collecting is maintained separately.

New numismatic web sites appear almost every week. Places where links are maintained include:

16. Other numismatic resources available on computer networks

  • COINS mail list: a general numismatic e-mail list; offers to sell coins are expressly forbidden. To subscribe, e-mail with an empty subject header and only SUBSCRIBE COINS in the body of the message.
  • NUMISM-L mail list: a mail list for numismatics from its beginnings through the Middle Ages; offers to sell coins are expressly forbidden. To subscribe, e-mail LISTSERV@UNIVSCVM.CSD.SCAROLINA.EDU with an empty subject header and only SUBSCRIBE NUMISM-L your-real-name in the body of the message.
  • The American Numismatic Association (ANA) has a Web site and other on-line resources.
  • Compuserve collectibles forum
  • Delphi Coins & Currency Conference Area (GO CU 426 CON)

17. Are lists of coin values available online?

An online price guide for US Coins is available on our US Coins Values page and information about world coins values is on our Coin Values page.

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