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Exact Change Software - Exact Change is a software package for coin collectors, with over 20,000 images on the DVD.

The Coin Alley - Offering Coin Collecting information, Coin management software, and an online store to acquire all your coin collecting needs

Encore Gold is the world leader in collectible gold coins,collectible silver coins, rare gold coins, foreign gold coins and much more.They are the first choice for all your rare gold and silver coins needs.

ArteCode Software- Coin collecting software. Download our software solution and try it. Helps to organize your coin collection with ease and provides information for 7000+ coins.

Coin Today - Numismatic and gold investment portal featuring comprehensive daily news and online resources including price guides and extensive dealer directories.

Data Recovery software from R-TT

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I Farmed 9999 Coins So My Son Could Have The Stupid Skeleton Outfit From Super Mario Odyssey
Quite the collection, but one crucial item missing. Nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine coins. The literal maximum amount of coins one can collect and hold in Super Mario Odyssey. “Daddy, can you help me get this one?” Fuck it. Sure. more info

Gold trophy pattern coin leads FUN auctions in Tampa
Heritage writes that a small number of restrike 1880 Flowing Hair Stellas may have also been produced, and that a total surviving population of as many as 25 coins is possible. Collectors have long gravitated to these impressive coins, with demand well ... more info

Smash a penny, pick it up: Elongated coin machines make memories
Smile. • It’s a pretty penny. • Better known as a smashed penny, or, as collectors call it, an “elongated coin.” • You probably have a few in the bottom of a junk drawer or coin jar. • Your kids have probably spotted a machine at a zoo or ... more info