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New Gruffalo 50p coin showing the beast meeting with Mouse goes on sale – and it could be worth up to £21
HAVE a rummage through the change in your pocket for rare 50p coins because they could be worth a small fortune. Kew Gardens, up to £160 This rare commemorative coin was created in 2009 to celebrate ... more info

That's mint! Birdwatcher stumbles upon one of Australia's rarest coins worth $10,000 while searching for the elusive 'white-browed babbler'
After taking it out of the dirt and cleaning it up Mr Cross realised he had found one of Australia's rarest ever coins: an 1865 Australian gold half sovereign. In mint condition an 1865 Australian ... more info

Treasure hunters pull rare gold coins from fabled SC shipwreck
Down to the bottom went what was reported to be a large amount of gold. That was true as hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gold coins and other artifacts were scavenged from the site 20 years ... more info

Sleeps With Monsters: Queen of Coin and Whispers
The obstacles interposed between them and a stable, lasting, happy relationship aren’t ones that can be removed through better communication, honesty, or self-knowledge: those obstacles are functions ... more info

Bitcoin ‘Maybe Is a Partial Store of Value,’ Concedes Nouriel Roubini
in spite of its rally earlier this year, it’s lost 60% in value since it’s peak, so I don’t see it going anywhere frankly.” “I’d take the U.S. dollar over any one of your s***coins,” he told BTCC ... more info

Royal Mint unveils the rarest 50p coins in circulation - and if you own one it could be worth hundreds
The Royal Mint has revealed which 50p coins are the rarest and worth the most money - so get checking down the back of your sofa! The Royal Mint has revealed the rarest 50p coins in circulation - and ... more info