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Woman finds incredibly RARE 'squashed' £1 coin which could be worth a FORTUNE
Kelly Rose, 25, from Weymouth in Dorset, was raiding her piggy bank when she discovered the hidden treasure. The coin appeared to have been disfigured during the striking process as it was a slightly stouter shape than normal quids. Kelly, a full time mum ... more info

UK's most valuable coins: These 50p, 5p and 2p pieces are worth big money
You might want to rummage through your pockets – as your change could be worth a small fortune. The London Olympic 50p coin changes hands for £3,000 now while a 1983 ‘New Pence’ 2p coin would get you £650 (enough for 32,500 standard 2p pieces). more info

Check your pennies! This coin may be worth more than $85K
Check your pennies because you may have one that could be worth more than $85,000. The 1943 Copper Wheat Penny was minted and released by mistake into circulation, The New York Post reported. Only a few of these pennies were ever produced when copper ... more info

Piano tuner who found haul of coins worth £500,000 stashed under the ivories gets to keep half the treasure but the couple who owned it for 33 years before donating it to a ...
The largest collection of gold sovereign coins ever found has been officially declared as treasure meaning the piano owner and the unwitting finder are due a share of the bounty. But in a cruel twist of fate, the couple who donated the piano in 2016 ... more info

Is a 2016 stamped new £1 coin REALLY worth hundreds?
Some coin hunters seem to think a 2016 stamped new £1 coin could see them rake in huge sums. The new pound coin entered circulation last month. And, naturally, people have been searching far and wide for the £1 coins worth a LOT more. Currently, there is ... more info

These rare coins could be worth a lot more than face value - do you have any?
It’s time to break open the piggy bank, check the sofa cushions and root through the bottom of your handbag because some of these common old coins are actually worth a mint. With all the buzz around the new £1 coins selling for £50 online, did you know ... more info