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World of Internet Coin helps China to enter the Internet of Things 2.0 era
NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 21, 2019 / Recently, it was reported by China’s relevant media said that World of Internet Coin R&D team ... low-power value ecosystem network, supporting ... more info

This Optimus Prime Coin Can't Transform, But It Can Still Roll Out, Literally
The former will cost a hefty $160 which means you’ll never actually want to spend it at face value, while the latter is a bit more reasonable at $35. Advertisement Each coin also comes sealed in ... more info

Maya Coin owns 125 million Maya Preferred 223 tokens, making it worth half the booking value of Maya preferred 223
A strong note that UK Financial limited has just announced is that Maya Coin, it’s merges and Acquisitions token which is about to go live on Catex Exchange on Monday August 19th 2019 owns 125 million ... more info

Homeowner estimated $20,000 in coins were stolen from his safe, but it was much more
After receiving a warrant to search a truck owned by Vasilios Macris, 33, and the motor home he was living in, Lynden police found 115 gold coins worth approximately $250,000, according to a ... more info

Specialty coins are new Walz calling card
They’re called “challenge coins” — a concept that took hold as something ... Minnesota’s bribery laws bar politicians from providing gifts to voters that have more than nominal value. They can supply ... more info

‘Independent’ blockchain coin rater was paid for reviews, SEC says
Continue Reading Below But blockchain-based “coins” have received a lot of interest in the past few years, thanks largely to the success — and sometimes rapidly changing value — of bitcoin, attracting ... more info