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The rarest and most valuable error coins in circulation worth up to £1,000 – do you have an undated 20p or a £2 with a typo?
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The British currency is on a bit of a shake-up spree. Back in September we were presented with the new, indestructible five pound notes, and when it became apparent that they could be worth up to £50,000, naturally no one wanted to part with them. more info

Home Treasure Hunt: Is Your Trash Worth Big Bucks?
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Rarest £1 coins revealed with some worth as much as £50
More than a billion brand new £1 coins are due to be released in March. The 12-sided coin, described by the Royal Mint as “the most secure coin in the world”, will replace the traditional circular £1, reports the Independent. With just five weeks to ... more info

Police hunt antique coin raiders
Police are hunting thieves who stole several thousands of pounds worth of jewellery, money and antique coins from a house in Denny, near Falkirk. The raiders forced entry to the home in Duke Street between 19:15 and 23:35 on Monday. Officers said they were ... more info