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The Royal Mint might soon value your rare coins – and they could even help you sell them too!
THERE has been a lot of hype about some coins that could be worth THOUSANDS of pounds more than their value. In recent months, The Sun Online’s inbox has been flooded with emails from readers who think they’ve found a rare – and possibly valuable ... more info

Cryptocurrencies Could Reach $5 Trillion in 5 Years, Says Wall Street Billionaire Bitcoin Investor
Novogratz said he has profited on the bitcoin and ether surges, and still has 10% of his net worth in cryptos, including assets he acquired in initial coin offerings. He hopes to add more bitcoin if the price falls to $2,000, and more Ether should the ... more info

Actual Value of Coins Around the World
A pocketful of loose change can feel like a pocketful of treasure. Those shiny gold- and silver-colored coins jangle so nicely when there’s plenty of them in reach. Even if coins mostly represent small amounts of money, it’s easy to imagine them as ... more info

Flight Delayed After Woman Throws Coins in Engine to “Pray for Safety”
This time, one of the coins (worth 1.7 yuan… or 25 cents in the U.S.) hit the engine and caused the flight to be delayed for several hours. The woman, only identified as Qiu, was taken away for questioning by police. “After an investigation the ... more info

Late’s Diner Manitowoc — Where One Can Time-Warp Back to 1964 Silver Coin Values
This might be a wee bit on the short side, since I am on family vacation and the wife is watching the kids in the resort pool at the moment. It’s not often that a Silver stacker runs across something quite this relevant, so I felt the need to share the ... more info

Internet of Coins Secures SIDN Fund Research Grant Worth $70,000
Mark is a 24 year old cryptocurrency entrepreneur. He was introduced to Bitcoin in 2013 and has been involved with it ever since. He used to mine bitcoins and altcoins but now focuses on blogging and educating others about digital currencies. more info