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The future of America’s dollar coin: Monday Morning Brief, Sept. 26
... Presidential dollars coins for circulation as well as the First Spouse bullion coin program, which also included bronze medals. How much are Presidential dollars worth? Native American dollar: The Native American $1 Coin Act, signed into law in 2007 ... more info

Is your small change worth a fortune? How to spot a valuable £5 and 2p that’s worth £1,400
Earlier this year, a 2p coin sold for almost £1,400 at auction because it was silver instead of copper and now the new £5 is selling for over SIXTY times its value on eBay. The first batch of notes, which were released last week, are proving popular with ... more info

Coin in the a**: Canadian Mint worker smuggles gold worth 180,000 USD in his rectum
Reports say he sold each coin for 5,000 USD. An employee at the Royal Canadian Mint is said to have sneaked out gold coins worth 180,000 US dollars in the most redonkulous way possible. He literally shoved the loot up his butt. The Ottowa Citizen reports ... more info

World Coins – Rose-Ryals, 30 Shilling Gold Coins of King James I
Generally, unchanging specifications for coin denominations prove impractical over time. The value of gold bullion fluctuates, as does the value of a nation’s currency. Essentially, all the Tudor monarchs issued Gold Sovereigns with the ‘shield on ... more info

Refusing Rs 10 coin in UP may invite sedition case
"The Rs 10 coin is a national currency and no one has the right to refuse it as the government of India promises to pay the value of the currency to the bearer. According to RBI rules, those who refuse to accept the Indian currency can be liable for action ... more info

Hawaii coin show celebrates 75th anniversary commemoration of Pearl Harbor
They’re very interested in sharing information that they’ve got. If you have coins, or currency, or Hawaiian material, and you want to know what it’s worth, you can bring it here and find out. “There are some five- and even some six-figure ... more info