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Which £1 coins could be worth a LOT more
Last October, if you had any old style pound coins in your piggy banks the advice was to get rid of them - and fast! With the arrival of the new-style two-tone pound coins, the £1 design which had been in use since 1983 when pound notes went out of use ... more info

These rare pound coins could be worth 30 times more
As the new style two-tone pound coins came in and the old style £1s ceased to be legal tender, there was a rush to get rid by many people. But as the chance to spend the old style coins came to an end in October, it also made them a lot harder to get hold of. more info

Rare £1 coins: These 12 £1 coins could be worth a lot more than you think
It's time to look down the back of your sofa, crack open your piggy bank and check your pockets - because you could be hoarding some rare £1 coins. The old circular £1 coin became void in October last year and some traditional coins are in high demand ... more info

Have you got one? List reveals rarest and most valuable 50p coins selling on eBay
News of the coin’s value comes as a list of the most valuable silver tokens was released. The list showing the rarest 56 variations will inform enthusiasts which coins should be sold and which spent. Many of the top coins were specially minted for the ... more info

Despicable duo steal almost £10,000 worth of rare coins from St Andrews home
BRAZEN thieves left an innocent homeowner devastated after nicking over £10,000 worth of rare coins. The despicable duo turned up at the owner’s door in Fife to buy one of the coins just days before Christmas. They made off with a haul including a Geore ... more info

Face value of damaged banknotes, coins rises 21 pct in 2017
SEOUL, Jan. 16 (Yonhap) -- South Korea's central bank said Tuesday that the face value of damaged banknotes and coins rose 21 percent in 2017 over the previous year. The face value of damaged banknotes and coins exchanged at local banks, including the Bank ... more info