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Could you be sitting on a small fortune? These 50p coins are worth more than you think
It's time to crack open your piggy bank and check the money jar, because you could be sitting on a small fortune. There are a wealth of special edition 50 pence pieces that could be worth a huge amoun... more info

See pennies worth hundreds of dollars at Monroeville coin show this weekend
Pennies are worth more than one cent to coin collectors like Blaine Shiff. Some can be worth as much as $500. “They’re jewels of art and history with investment potential,” said Shiff, 57 ... more info

Bitcoin stuck right under $6,400, but the last coin will be worth millions of dollars, according to John McAfee
BTC/USD is rangebound after an unsuccessful attempt to break above $6,400. John McAfee expects an exponential growth of crypto adoption. Bitcoin is rangebound right under $6,400 handle. The coin touch... more info

Japan's hacked crypto exchange says $62 million worth of coins stolen
TOKYO, Sept 21 (Reuters) - Japanese cryptocurrency firm Tech Bureau Corp said on Friday it now estimates $62 million worth of digital currencies were stolen in a hack last week, but added that the amo... more info

Amid Crypto Crashes, ndau — The Buoyant Coin, Launches
13) that it has launched ndau (“en-dow”), billed as “the world’s first buoyant coin optimized for long-term store of value.” The coin is unpegged, which means it is not tied to the fluctuations to any ... more info

Charlie Lee Addresses FUD on Twitter to Prove Litecoin’s Worth
Lee further added that miners have “no incentives to attack the network because it will destroy the value of their ASIC hardware.” The Litecoin founder also argued the coin has plenty of ... more info