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50p coins may be worth a fortune
WHAT would you do if you found out that a 50p coin that maybe sitting in your purse or wallet could actually be worth thousands of pounds? Most Loughborough people will hand over their change to pay for something without even a second thought. But before ... more info

Valuable gold coin is gift to the Salvation Army of High Point
“We found that coin. We didn’t know where it came from.” Depending on its condition, the 1881 coin could have been worth up to several thousand dollars. But the gift’s value is outweighed by the symbol of giving and sharing in this holiest of season more info

Is your 50p coin worth thousands of pounds?
Not too long ago we reported that members of the Great British public were cashing in the big bucks after realising they were in possession of a rare five pound note and started selling them online for thousands of pounds. Although, with shops refusing to ... more info

British pocket change worth collecting
Collectors in the United States often complain there is nothing worth collecting in our pocket change. Not so, if you happen to be in Great Britain! Some so-called small change is bringing big money in merry old England. The coins currently gaining ... more info

Stashed cash: Rare Ming Dynasty banknote found inside Chinese sculpture
Chinese characters and official seals printed in red and black ink declare that the note is a "Great Ming Treasure Note" with a value of "one guan" — depicted as 10 "strings" of Chinese copper coins, which could be grouped with a string through the hole ... more info

Is your 50p coin worth a fortune? Some are selling for £3,000
The next time you hand over a 50p to buy a chocolate bar or a can of Coke take a quick glance at it because it could be worth much more than its face value. A selection of the coins are being sold for much more than you would expect on eBay. One is even ... more info